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Africa Review And Statistic


Africa Review


in previous world cup, African has often struggle during the tournament. It might also be possible, that there was some iota of faith fans have for some Africa country, that qualify for the 2018 FIFA World cup.

However, it seems the mentality of Africa always losing world cup can not be removed.The poor start in their first four match  highly disappointed Africa fans. Only one out of five Africa countries that qualify for the 2018 Russian World Cup known as Senegal, was able to deliver the fans expectation. while the rest countries which are Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt failed to record a point.
Tunisia was only the team that record one goal through penalty kick in the first four Africa matches. it was delivered by Ferjani Sassi. still, it is frustrating that the match eventually ends in ( Tunisia 1-2 england) when Henry Kane save england by striking 2 outstanding goals on board.

The ball possession of the game was also estimated with england pressing up to 61%, while Tunisia possession was 39%. This further reveals that Tunisia was playing more of defensive than offensive game.There were

  1. 6 shorts(1 on target),
  2. 14 fouls,
  3. 0 yellow and 0 red card,
  4. 2 corners and off sides on Tunisia.

while on the other hand which is England,

  1. 18 shorts(8 on targets),
  2. 8 fouls, 1 yellow cards,
  3. 0 red cards,
  4. 3 offsides and 7 corners.

The story was not deferent with Morocco V Iran. Morocco was on the right track of luck to hit 3 points from Iran. it was also disappointing to know that the game however, ends in (Morocco 0-1 Iran). Aziz Bouhaddouz deliver a quick short which lead to own goal caused by Morocco is still interesting to know that the statics tics of the game ball possession was (Morocco 68-32 Iran). This reveals that Morocco was playing more of offensive than defensive but fails to deliver a goal. while there were

  1. 13 shorts (3 on target),
  2. 22 fouls, 1 yellow cards,
  3. 0 red card,
  4. 0 offside and 5 corners .

Iran, on the other hand, played

  1. 9 shorts (2 on targets ),
  2. 14 fouls, 3 yellow cards,
  3. 0 red cards,
  4. 0 offside and 2 corners.

Egypt V Uruguay was pretty a tough game. while Egypt was exhausting their tactics playing defensive game hoping for draw. it was convincingly disappointing that in ends in (Egypt 0-1 Uruguay). Jose Gimenez delivered a goal for Uruguay. Ball possession of the game was estimated as

  1. (Egypt 41-59 Uruguay) percent,
  2. 8 shorts (3 on targets)
  3. 12 fouls, 2 yellow cards,
  4. 0 red cards,
  5. 0 offside and 0 corner for Egypt,

while Uruguay on the other hand has :

  1. 15 shorts (5 on target 6)
  2. 12 fouls, 0 yellow cards,
  3. 0 red card,
  4. 1 offside and 5 corners.

The most frustrating and Disappointing of all was Nigeria v Crotia. Nigeria won the best designers in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. This makes some Fans thought things will be deferent in this world Cup. However, its not a shock to the fans that they perform horribly which cost them 2 goals.

Teases Fans

This was delivered by Oghenekaro Etebo

degree stance short followed by Lucad Modric goal through penalty. the ball possession was estimated as

  1. (Nigeria 45-55 Crotia)
  2. while the overall statistic of the game was 14 shorts (2 on target).
  3. 16 fouls.
  4. 1 yellow card.
  5. 0 red card.
  6. 1 offside and 5 corners for Nigeria,

while Crotia has

  1. 11 shorts
  2. (2 on target) 20 fouls,
  3. 2 yellows,
  4. 0 red,
  5. 2 offside and 6 corners.

For now, Senegal is the only Africa team that has proved their outstanding performance with Poland. it was quit delightful to know that the match ends in (Senegal 2-1 Poland). Their estimated Ball possession was rather disappointing scoring up to (Senegal 39-61 Poland)

while the full statistics of the match was

  1. 8 shorts (2 on target)
  2. 15 fouls,
  3. 2 yellow card,
  4. 0 red card,
  5. 2 offside and 3 corners.

while Poland on the other hand has

  1. 11 shorts( 4 on target)
  2. 8 fouls, 1 yellow card,
  3. 0 red card,
  4. 3 offsides and 3 corners.

overall the important thing is that they won the match.

It is also disappointing to know that Egypt lost their second match to Russian (Russian 3-1 Egypt). With Armed Fathy delivering a short causing an own goal. while Dennis Cheryshev and Dzuba scored the remaining 2 goals for Russian. on the other hand, Liverpool player known as Mohamed Salah caused a penalty and deliver a perfect goal for Egypt. The ball possession of the game was (Russian 49-51 Egypt). while the overall statistic of the game was

  1. 13 shorts (1 on target),
  2. 10 fouls,
  3. 1 yellow card,
  4. 0 red card,
  5. 0 corners and 4 offside.

While on the other hand, for Russian,

  1. 11 short (3 on targets)
  2. 11 fouls,
  3. 1 yellow card,
  4. 0 red card,
  5. 0 offside and 7 corners.

All Hope is not lost for Egypt as they still have one more match to go. if Uruguay loses today they might still qualify, but the chances are very slim.

Having viewed all this, i will say the statistic of all match is rather poor and disappointing. will there be any hope of Africa country to qualify the elimination round? well its best if we keep it for time to answer.

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