Relationship Talks- Skills Of A Healthy Relationship .

Before Going Into A Relationship You Must Have The Following In Mind.

Ajayi Abigail
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Relationship Talks With Abigail

1. Genuinely knowing what you need in your relationship.

2. Selecting the right person.

3. Developing in using skills of a heathy relationship right from the very beginning.


Insight, mutuality and  emotion regulation.
These forms the basics called romantic competence.

ROMANTIC COMPETENCE is the ability to function adapting across all areas or aspect of the relationship from day 1 of the relationship.

INSIGHT : is about awareness, understanding, and learning. With insight you know who you are, you know your ability, you know who your partner is. You would be able to anticipate the positive and negative consequences of your behavior. Also with insight you would be able to know when and how to reply your angered partner either via text message or a call. Insight helps you. You could be a person with the nature of running into conclusion by what you see… in this case insight helps you calm knowing  well that before coming to a conclusion you ought to research.


Ajayi Abigail
IG @abilight14


MUTUALITY: this is about knowing that both people in the relationship have needs and the both needs matters and have to be met. Mutuality is been able to fix your partner in your plan, it’s you seeing both of you and not just you.

EMOTION REGULATIONS: this is about regulating your feelings in response to things that happens in your relationship. Through emotion regulation you would be able to nurture your emotions, tolerate in comfortable feelings and not act out on them impulsively and so you would be able to think through your decision clearly (for instance you have an issue with your partner and you are waiting for a text message at all course at that moment and the message isn’t coming through and then you keep checking your phone over and over with emotional regulation you would be able to control the situation by talking to yourself to take your mind of it. Also you would be able to maintain a sense of self respect and control even when issues comes up.
These are abilities people ought to use on a day to day activity to have an heathy relationship not just a romantic relationship.







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