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So many people misinterpret the word “Amputation” as disable, nobody want to work with me or be my friend , because they feel am not complete… -OLIVIA MALACHY

Interview with Nigeria lady Olivia MALACHY who lost her hand in an accident .


May we meet you ?

Am Olivia malachy from imo state, student from a family of five my dad is late, my mom has being how all, and am the first daughter of the family.

You recently celebrated  2years of your victory over death from an accident,how has life been since the accident ?

Hmmmm to tell you the truth, it has not  being easy, so many people misinterpret the word “Amputation “as disable, nobody want to work with you ,or be your friend, because they feel you are not complete…


What did this experience change in you?


The experience had made believe that self love is important, loving myself made me stronger, and I can stand any challenges that comes my way, with smile on my face.

Is this what propelled you into being an inspirational speaker?

Yes because my experience since the accident, have made me to understand life more, I want my story to be an inspiration to someone.

You run charity occasionally for children,what inspired this ?

I do this not because i have much but it has also been my thing even before the accident, so after the accident i didn’t want to stop doing it, it is in me.


How have you been able to source found for this ?Do you get donation?

NO NO NO NO, I don’t like it, because I don’t see myself as disable, and I don’t give room for pity,,but if anybody gives out of help to me I will really appreciate I Thank the person from my heart, am not disable


Is there anything you wish to change about your self ?

I wish nothing changes, I get my first change when I lost my arm, and I accepted it .

How did you come about the Name SUPER WOMAN?

After looking at all the challenges and pains I have been through and I still overcame all with smiles on my face, that was when I give myself the name #Superwoman


What’s your main purpose  on social media?

Am not on social media for pity or crying out my pains for people to help but am there to inspire and motivate people.



Any word of advice to people out there with challenges or depression?

My advice to everyone out there facing one challenges or the other , is not to give up, and don’t forget that life has two rules, rule number 1, don’t quit ,rule number 2 ,Don’t forget rule number 1.





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