Man left Confused over his ‘Girlfriend’s’ refusal to cheat on her Husband

Man left Confused over his ‘Girlfriend’s’ refusal to cheat on her Husband

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share and make sense of his current dilemma.

According to him, A married woman, whom apparently is his girlfriend, has refused to have se x with him. Here’s the funny part — they’ve both had oral se x, but she has refused to let him slide in because she doesn’t want to ‘cheat on her husband’.

The woman whose name was known said she doesn’t want to cheat with her husband that is why she can not allow her boyfriend to have sex with her.

She claimed thatall the oral sex she is doing with his boyfriend is as result of not want to be cheating with her husband she is loyal to him.

She added as a matter of fact that she is doing it purposely because her husband don’t do oral or given her head when they re doing romance but that does not makes her to be cheating on by having sex with her boyfriend.

She said assuming her husband can do all these things with her she won’t be doing oral sex with her boyfriend.

Someone now asked on Twitter that has she discussed the oral sex with her husband but the husband turned it down or what because she’s is married woman too and her husband goes extra mile to satisfy her in bed.

Another Twitter user angrily said that the woman is claiming not to be cheating on her husband but what can we call having oral sex with a person that is not your husband?
She added that she did not know where the world is going.

Another person react that she should call the marriage off instead of having oral sex and molesting is body with a young boy.

She says all other stuff they do isn’t considered cheating. She has only cheated when they formally have sex

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